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Keya Palm

Keya Palm

Fair Trade. Organic. Sustainable. Eco. All endeavours we support while we work with local businesses to support community development overseas.

Guided by a concern for international artisans who aren’t getting a fair deal, we created a business to support artisan groups in developing countries. We bring to market handmade Fair Trade and Eco products.

Our efforts commenced in 2004 working with community groups in Peru and Indonesia. With strong growth and support from family, friends and our clients, we now are also able to work with producer groups in Ecuador, Chile, Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

We distribute two Fair Trade brands - Fair Go Trading and Matr Boomie.

We also distribute two ranges of eco-styled products - Sativa Hemp and Earth Greetings.

Our Sativa range of Hemp and Organic Cotton bags and accessories are sustainably-rich.

Our Australian Earth Greetings card and stationary range we distribute only in Western Australia. Made from post-consumer waste, the inks are vegetable-based and the business is carbon neutral. We like!

Our artisans at left, are located in Bangladesh and we thank them for their work.

Please contact us if you are interested in our products or for collaborations.